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XPO Exhibitions and BuildNZ DO NOT sell or distribute user data. The only way to obtain visitor business information is after a face-to-face conversation at one of our trade events. Visitors have the choice whether or not to consent to give their information, either via a business card, paper note or by allowing their visitor badge to be scanned with the XPO Leads app.

If you're unsure about an email you've received from us or about us, forward it to your Exhibition Sales Manager. Include a description of your situation and the best way to contact you and we'll investigate for you.

The XPO group of events go to great lengths to protect your data. If you encounter an email you believe to be a hoax or a phishing scam, please do report it.

Please see example below. If you receive this, please disregard, delete and block. This is a fraudulent email with absolutely no affiliation with XPO Exhibitions, or any of it’s affiliated trade events.


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